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Your Logo isn’t Your Brand

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It worries me how sometimes people are confused about this, and to be fair, it’s not your fault if you are. Many a fresh-faced designer would probably believe (or say) the same thing. especially when she is trying to sell you on the idea of a nicely designed logo while you both click through her portfolio.

So, what’s the difference? Simply put, one is a graphical representation in the form of a word and font, a drawn icon or combination of both and one is the FEELING people get about your business. Notice, I said its the feeling OTHER people get about your business. These days (and it may be hard to swallow) but the brand is not what YOU say your business IS, it is what others THINK it is that counts.

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Hi. I'm a geek for branding but I'm not a glossy 'BRAND Agency' with a big ticket price and account managers. Nor am I some overhyped 21 year old with pictures of me in front of my (probably) hired sports cars, promising that you can 'be like me'.

However, I have worked long enough at creating, building and promoting Brands for too many years to count in one form or another... And I can help you or teach you how to do the same (and without the inflated fees of a 'branding agency).