Building Your Brand

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That said, it is, of course, something that people (like me) ‘do‘ for a living and specialise in, in one form or another.

Some of those people may come at the idea of ‘brand’ from a visual point of view (graphic designers) and focus on how it looks (however, if they tell you that’s is and your ‘logo’ is your branding they are (very) wrong). Others will look at Brand(ing) as part of the marketing and perhaps advertising that takes place within a company (they are also wrong on a fundamental level if they don’t see the bigger picture).

Each of these people is hopefully at least ‘expert’ in their field and therefore it would be fair to assume they DO know the real meaning of Branding – And, if they do, it will cost you to get at that knowledge, because as you’ve no doubt heard at some point”Knowledge IS power”. That implies that at the very basic level there must be some rules or at the very least conditions to be set that make ‘branding’ outside the sphere of most peoples day to day work.

Experts will know that Branding is more to do with theĀ idea that YOUR CUSTOMER holds THEIRĀ mind about your product or service. No more. No less.

About Chris James

Hi. I'm a geek for branding but I'm not a glossy 'BRAND Agency' with a big ticket price and account managers. Nor am I some overhyped 21 year old with pictures of me in front of my (probably) hired sports cars, promising that you can 'be like me'.

However, I have worked long enough at creating, building and promoting Brands for too many years to count in one form or another... And I can help you or teach you how to do the same (and without the inflated fees of a 'branding agency).