Is THIS Branding?

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What exactly IS Branding? Some people think its just your logo but they are wrong. Many graphic designers believe (and will tell you) its about the design (including that logo) and how you bring it all together in a standardised way in your stationery etc. Nope. Sorry, wrong again.

Branding, when done properly, is about all of that and yet, so much more. Branding is about every single touch point with your customer and that even includes how your staff react to customers.

How you’re viewed in your day-to-day interactions with people. Whether that is via social media channels or customer service everything that connects with a customer is part of your Brand. Good or bad.

About Chris James

Hi. I'm a geek for branding but I'm not a glossy 'BRAND Agency' with a big ticket price and account managers. Nor am I some overhyped 21 year old with pictures of me in front of my (probably) hired sports cars, promising that you can 'be like me'.

However, I have worked long enough at creating, building and promoting Brands for too many years to count in one form or another... And I can help you or teach you how to do the same (and without the inflated fees of a 'branding agency).