The Polite Disclaimer

Before we go further its time for my polite disclaimer. I write in a conversational manner. That is to say, I may start to use ‘incorrect’ form and a lot of brackets (I really do). And yes, you may find I swear a bit. Why? because I swear in the real world too. Not so much as to sound stupid or obnoxious but I’m a believer that it shows (when not obviously due to ignorance) that you understand language and its effects and that you have a wider and extensive vocabulary.

Plus its fun and I’m not grown up enough to give up fun. If you feel at this stage that this will get in the way of our ‘relationship’ tha’s cool. no, really it is. There are many many other ways you can take your Brand/business to market and I wish you every success. it’s just that I honestly believe those people that ‘get’ what I’m doing and how I do it won’t give a sh*t. The wnt awesome fucking results as promised. so, if you can handle a little irreverence and a healthy dose of rebellion and non-conformist, dare I say maverick content … let’s go.

Life’s a Pitch…

Branding is Dead. Long live Branding. If you’re expecting an impressive show-reel or spinning images, sorry, but that’s not what you’ll find here… This site is all about effective strategies for your business, oops I meant ‘Brand’, not mine. The information you’ll find here speaks for itself.

That’s the PITCH here (or my Branding if you like) and you’ll find it’s very is different from what you’d normally get. You see, the business here is to get YOU better results and to give you what you need to transform YOUR business and get ahead in today’s ever-changing market.

Over the years I’ve have worked with hundreds of businesses to create and transform brands and help them boost sales. The strategies used are proven and work for start-ups as well as larger organisations. The information on this website is as open and honest as I can make it.

It may seem irreverent to some and perhaps exposing or at least giving away ‘industry’ secrets to others, for that I do not apologise. This is the information age, guys… Catch up. And yeah F*CK Branding, when its that over glossy put out using stuff, learned in the 1980s because that don’t work any more fellas.

Want the Fast track to building a powerhouse Brand?

There is plenty of information on this site and the courses that if you APPLY the knowledge you’ll have the best chance you’ll get.

However, if you’re looking to accelerate your branding building with some advice, coaching / mentoring or just some strategy that will change the game in your favour, contact me using the form below or click here and we’ll have a chat.

*Obviously results will vary and depend on your actions following consultation or advice is given but I work solidly with clients to help hit realistic goals and I’ve not had complaints.